Ninja Obstacle Course

PlayGym's Ninja Obstacle Course Trainig program for kids cover Athletics, Gymnastics, Parkour and more...

About our instructor: Mr. Manjunath SS (Manju)

Mr. Manju is passionate about Gymnastics and other sports activities that aid the physical development of children. His thoughtful, observant, carefully structured and child centric educational style is very benificial for kids

Mr. Manju has participated in the 53rd Senior National Artistic Gymnastics competition (2012-13) held at Patiala along with many District and State level compititions.

About Obstacle course training at PlayGym

This program is not just rigorous, but also packs a lot of fun. This training program includes Obstacle courses,Gymnastics, Athletics, Sprinting, Long jumps, Hurdles, Triple jump, Parkour, Vaulting and more. Your kids will build endurance, have a great time and make many friends!

The training program is for kids aged between 6 and 10

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