PlayGym has an awesome Gymnastics Program. Our excellent instructor, expansive space and state of the art equipment is a perfect setting for your little ones to learn the cart wheeling, backward roll, forward roll, tricks on the roman rings and much much more. 

About our instructors:
Mr. Manjunath SS (Manju):

Mr. Manju is passionate about Gymnastics and other sports activities that aid the physical development of children. His thoughtful, observant, carefully structured and child centric educational style is very benificial for kids. Mr. Manju has participated in the 53rd Senior National Artistic Gymnastics competition (2012-13) held at Patiala along with many District and State level competitions.

Mr. Prathap:

Mr.Prathap is an athlete and practices Gymnastics, Martial Arts - including Karate, Taekwando and other Mixed Martial Arts. His style is rigorous as well as fun.

Mrs. Barbara:

Barbara is from Hungary and is a national level Gymnast herself. She has trained for Gymnastics from a very early age and has experience training kids of all ages in basic to intermediate to advanced levels. She uses many drills that are frequently used in European gymnastics and has adapted them to her training here.

About Gymnastics classes at PlayGym

Gymnastics classes are offered in an age appropriate manner. We have 3 batches:

Kids ages 3 to 4 years: A great introduction for those little energizer bunnies who consider their home sofa and mattress as an Olympic Gym pad. This class is fun, games oriented and also includes the initial workouts essential for a strong foundation to Gymnastics. 

Kids ages 4  to 6 years: Kids focus on strength building, floor exercises and initial Roman ring techniques. 

Kids ages 6  to 10 years: We add on trampolines and more vigor to the gymnastics class. Kids go on to learn cart wheeling, hand stand, somersault], etc

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