PlayGym has started the following Whatsapp Groups for families who have children:


  •  Less then 2 year of age. 

  •  2-4 years of age

  •  4-6 years of age

  •  6-8 yearsof age

  •  8+ years of age


These groups are monitored and administered by PlayGym and will be solely for the purpose of planning and scheduling play dates at PlayGym.. 

We now have Whatsapp groups to help you plan playdates at PlayGym!

Let us know you're interested and we'll sign you up. It's as simple as that!


Text, e-mail, or mention it the next time you stop by PlayGym and we'll add you to Whatsapp. It's completely free!


Once you join, you can send and receive messages from other PlayGym visitors to arrange playdates.



For the first 25 families that join Whatsapp, we are giving " a 'bring your friend for free' coupon.

How do we sign up?

PlayGym is a creative, fun yet challenging place for little ones to explore. It is a space for parents and kids to make friends and share ideas. We are launching Whatsapp groups for different age groups so parents can plan playdates..PlayGym is double the fun with friends! And it's completely free!


Easily schedule age appropriate play dates at PlayGym. Meet other like minded families and help your children build healthy social skills and more...

Children are social beings!