PlayGym Summer Camp runs from 27-March-2017 to 26-May-2017(enroll from 1 to 9 weeks)

Keep your little ones engaged during the Summer holidays like never before...

Let's make this Summer break simple, fun and enjoyable while learning one or two or more of the skills and activities that your child has always wanted to learn.

  • 3-HOURS every day (Monday to Friday). Arrive anytime between 9 AM and 10 AM and leave between 12 noon and 2 PM. 

  • Pick any classes that are being offered during that time and/or utilize the Play facility at PlayGym

  • Start any day and end any day and pay pro-rated. Its a 3-hour Summer Camp offered 5 days per week

  • If enrolling for only 1 week: Carges are Rs. 1750 | 2-week enrollment charges are Rs. 3000 | 3-week enrollment charges are Rs. 4000 | 4-week enrollment charges are Rs. 4,750 |After 4 weeks, its Rs. 900 per week. 

  • If you plan to take a vacation, we will extend your Summer camp for the duration that you are gone at no extra charge. 

Here is the schedule of classes and activity that will be offered